Nov 20

Assertive Communication

The PNL and their practice, is developing to a certain sharpness of senses If the sufficient thing is applied, are developed an ability, as in this case in the communication between the people, to realize thing, to make better distinctions, knowledge to distinguish better the situations and knowledge to really take a conversation at an effectiveness and fluidity level. To manage to incorporate these resources of the neurolingustica programming and to develop in addition an assertive communication is to be able to pass to another level in our communication is without doubts a jump of quality in our lives What is the Assertive Communication? The assertive communication is a communication style a way to express itself in a balanced fashion, of mature, conscious form and it is placed in means of the two extreme positions: the one of the aggressiveness and the one of being liabilities and not to respond better purpose this way of expression, is to communicate our ideas and feelings, to defend our legitimate rights without the intention to hurt or to harm, acting from an inner state of self-confidence and it was worth personnel, instead of the limitor emotional expresividad, that includes emotions that interfere in a good communication like for example the anxiety, the fault or the anger For that reason if we want to tune with another person being applied the techniques of the PNL to obtain indeed that syntony is necessary to have in all the cases taken care of to use (following the objectives that wants to be reached) certain expressions, words or turns of the language not to hurt susceptibilities in our interlocutor, of way to also acompasar the emotional part, with attention, interest, understanding or affection a practical example in a work place: We say that in a company an employee has committed an error when realising a certain task Instead of to do what he said himself to him, made something different that caused a problem in its sector the one in charge or supervisor could say something how: This work was not thus is bad fact, is not what I asked for to him watches what did! (everything with one loads emotional of certain anger) That type of communication ends up generating a bad climate, a lack of feeling and little confidence or little collaboration to future, of the person. You may want to visit fuel tanks to increase your knowledge. . .