Jul 13

BAV Febs

According to the financial management, a pension commitment is as uniform asset advantage to see that his were not in one and his do not serve a part can be broken down. “It is now common practice, annoying pension commitments with regard to H his served 40 KStR to freeze part, again reduced to justified cases” thinks febs-chef Buttler and refers to the appropriate service of the febs. At the fixed price of 890 euro, a so-called mitigation advice with detailed arguments against adopting a concealed deposit supplies febs, unless there is sufficient evidence for this in the company. The opinion among other things also serves as a basis for a binding request to the competent tax office, which will probably recommend is most definitely. Current action of the febs’s experts recommend an immediate review of all pension plans and pension funds to uncover all other fiscal risks in existing commitments in addition to the above mentioned flow problem and as far as possible to eliminate. Necessary changes to existing pension promises should be made as far as possible in 2010.

As from 31 December 2010, the new accounting regulations of the BilMoG for pension provisions, which will lead to extraordinary changes of in provisions already access for the first time. More current management instructions and we treat jurisdictions in the febs practice seminars current challenges 2010″on February 25, 2010, BAV advanced” on the 15th / 16.03.2010. For more information about our seminars, see seminars. Your contact of febs Consulting GmbH in the high field 3 85630 Grasbrunn/Munich of Andreas Buttler CEO Tel. 089 / 890 42 86-10 as we employers in all questions relating to pension and TimeValue accounts consult independent experts. We analyze and refurbish existing power plants, create actuarial opinion of balance of and assist employers in the implementation of the new Supply balance.