May 27

Blacksmith Mikula

And I thought to myself, ‘That’s Grisha, a drunkard and a horse thief, and the food itself came in his mouth. Milkmaid Glasha 25th year without a man, not because the woman died of starvation. Blacksmith Mikula and worse: metal forging – the money it receives, self-defense courses teaching – the money received. So it is not enough – at the robbers moved, and even her husband for a milkmaid Glasha dragged. One forester Theodore was good. Electrolux shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And those, one worse than another, and the food they come into the mouth itself. And what have I done? “I thought as a man about himself the whole way, and when he came home, sat on the porch and waited for the food itself to him in the mouth will not come. Day waiting for a second and a third broke down and fell into a swoon.

A dream came to him one very nice and said, “Hey, you silly man! Get up and go to work! Is not the best food, which mined its way? “I came to man and realized that the food itself in the mouth comes only in fairy tales such as this one. But in real life to work. Without difficulty, as they say … So go ahead and work, gentlemen! These are the stories here, I sometimes tell my employees. Very helpful. Motivates better than any cash prizes. By the way if you liked the idea of using different tales personnel management, it can recommend a very good book, authored by my colleague Igor Skripyuk. He wrote an excellent book on practical psychology, which is called “111 Baek For Coaches” Once I gave this book one of my employees.

Though honestly I would myself gladly bought it, the more that is not so much. I sincerely recommend it. In addition to the tales themselves, the book you will find an excellent guide to the use of stories in specific situations. So, get acquainted with the description and your order now!