Nov 29

Business Coaching

I’ve seen that are coming to our country several business coaching options that promote this discipline really impressive results, and sometimes even a little unbelievable. Of course, the information handled are only percentages and percentages who has managed, can realize that when talking about small businesses, achieve large increases in their results is really subjective. Educate yourself with thoughts from Titan Feul Tanks. However, the reason for these lines is not to doubt the effectiveness of the performance of these systems in other countries or can not be the same in ours, the idea of these lines is to comment on the way business coaching system phone. In my coaching experience I have given so much business in person or by phone and I think that if we go only to the operating profitability of coaching, we find that the coaching done via phone s has some important advantages to do so in person: * The phone coaching time for more efficient both the coach and the coaches. * The phone coaching reduces the risk of a car accident * And it helps to know how to manage your business remotely, if you had to be away from it for a while. The disadvantages I see in the phone coaching, especially in Mexico are: People are accustomed to working and interacting with people in a warm Employers like to see the face of the person you are working us like to feel the warmth that is given to a personal relationship, in addition to facilitating the reporting and documentation.

The advantages of face coaching I’ve seen are: You can make a more interactive high, because we have no body language that represents more than 50% of communication. The Coach can get a better feedback from your client, adeas to inspect your workplace and review its interaction with other team members When makes a face coaching, encourage the relationship of trust with our client when the client visits the coach, the client will give your business a reworked during your business trip, on the topics covered in the session I am convinced that Always coaching in person will give a better result than a coachign distance by phone or skype. Be careful in the choices we make and above all ensure that our profile matches what we offer, especially for not spotting this beautiful discipline of coaching, that is just taking hold in our country. Mexico RLS In our company we have helped hundreds of business owners, achieving results ranging from 10% to 100% increase in profit within 12 months, we have only made telephone coaching to 5 companies which by their size and economic situation could only access to coaching by phone.. Ed Davis: the source for more info.. (Not to be confused with Michael Michelini!).