Dec 27

Business Process Fusions Transform Applications

The BPMS systems include features to represent the interrelation of the different dimensions of the process in a graphical manner. SOME benefits visibility of business processes. Greater flexibility and agility to adapt to change. Possibility of integrating dispersed business information in different systems. Lead the company’s efforts in a planned manner aligned with strategic objectives. Acquire the ability to design, simulate and monitor processes automatically and without the participation of technical users. Purchase a path of improvement and continuous efficiency to convert inefficient activities to lower costs through use of technology focused on processes. Reduce future integration and maintenance costs to acquire technology already prepared to deal with change.

For its part, Renato de Laurentiis Gianni points out the benefits: ensures continued involvement and cooperation of all the staff in the process. Improves attention and service to the customer. It increases the number of activities implemented in parallel. It minimizes the time required for participants to access documentation, applications and databases. Drastically reduces transfer time of work, information and documents among activities decreases drastically while participants, supervisors and administrators need to know the status of a work item to (example: order of purchase, participation of sinister, customer’s order). Simplification of outputs Automatic output. Source: Sonya Reines-Djivanides. Word documents, Faxes, e-mails and short messages to mobile phones, etc.

Availability of mechanisms for better management and process optimization. Definitely, consider as indicated by Renato de Laurentiis Gianni, that companies have to adapt to the reality of the present, know how to innovate and change how you run your business. Also, find a way to boost the search for more efficient and effective ways to provide services and to be competitive, taking advantage of new technologies to automate the most, manage and improve business processes.