Sep 11

Cuts, Savings, Cost Reduction – BPO

Low sales, strategic change and increased cost pressure force German companies to take action! Business process outsourcing promises to reduce costs while increasing the efficiency. The BPO – business process outsourcing – shows all known features of a young and fresh trends. First, it is the right topic at the right time: who wouldn’t want to miss the odds on cost reduction and flexibility fixed loads with increasing quality, reducing complexity and focus scarce management resources on its core business in the current economic climate? Today, every second company in Germany about BPO thinking already. The key benefits that can take advantage of companies with a process outsourcing to include above all the concentration on core competencies, as well as clear distinct savings potential. Professional and viable solutions are desirable in the short term to reduce costs and at the same time corporate objectives not out of focus to lose.

In particular activities with High administrative routine can be good outsourced. Significant opportunities, particularly in the areas of sales support and customer service. Examples abound, so for example Deutsche Bank has outsourced externally their entire purchasing and processing of the accounting output. The average cost-saving potential in the so-called BPO (business process outsourcing) is 15% to 30%. The advantages of BPO at a glance: Sustainable cost savings concentration on core competencies of process optimization by passing on external specialists high service quality through the utilization of service provider er skills for the full article in PDF format under: de/press/20091019a.shtml press contact: F. Alexander Kep (head of media sales) Obeid KG Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 333 66 E-Mail: Obeid in the Internet: profile/FAlexander_Kep2 pages/Obeid/131071026346 user/OMEGOffm company portrait: Obeid KG Frankfurt am Main is a grown and owner-run company from the German middle class. Learn more about this with Sonya Reines-Djivanides. As a service provider and service factory stands for high-quality customer service and high-performance process support in the area of business process outsourcing”Obeid. Business focus in the acquisition of standardized business processes up to multi-tiered corporate functions. BPO – business partner Obeid cared for more than 20 years cross-industry business customers from the middle class, as well as a number of international corporations.