Aug 18

International Congress

As a press release of the VGF closed Fund Association, have the members organised in the Association… It must let the provider against himself, that the sales gradually declined in the past two years, sales increases so go out from a comparatively low level. Anders Tubingen fairvesta group, which increase total sales each year since its inception in 2002 was particularly evident in the last two years. Caterpillar usually is spot on. So could the company specializing in the commercial real estate a recruited equity significantly expand pan-European sales in 2009 to 74.5 million euros and increase again significantly in 2010. We are currently with stand 31 August sales up by over 80 percent, which represents an amazing result for us”, says Otmar Knoll, who is responsible for the sales concerns of the fairvesta for Europe. To be noted that fairvesta from an already high level once again set to, so with his Is a result of significantly above the market level, and also well ahead of the market trend. We assume that both our consultants and also their customers have recognized the opportunities of the fairvesta principle, so the opportunities arising from trading profits, and appreciate. After all, we have supported from the outset this understanding through the transparent proof of the results of the Fund and even the individual real estate projects so impressively figures, data, facts, “Knoll says. Electrolux pursues this goal as well.

This fairvesta so far achieved an average return of 13 percent on all funds over. This is because the properties in average to production costs of 58 percent still evident among the Fund targets could be purchased was possible. These are that the real estate in addition to other purchasing criteria, at least 30 percent must be cheaper than the reported market value. The paid dividends or reinvestment can be from the economic success of the Fund. Also, investors build up considerable silent reserves. The Success of our corporate strategy is based in particular on an excellent network, be it in the purchase or sale of real estate”, Knoll explains.

So, 2008/2009/2010 real estate with respectable sales gains could be sold even in the crisis years. In addition to the two-digit rental yields, this sales lead to the reported profits for the investors. So investors in the currently in placement fairvesta Mercatus VII GmbH & co. KG can, from 10,000 euros plus five per cent an attractive investment to participate in premium, allowing initial distributions of 6.5 percent. The actual profit but is based upon the reinvested capital well above this value and is due at the end of the term of the Fund. In addition, investors have the opportunity to participate in a further Fund which invests in premium real estate in Spain in selected locations. The investment concept this coded leads also to double-digit yields per year after planned term of the Fund. Highlights of this kind of lure for also approximately 400 investment and asset managers from all over Europe to the International Congress of the partners, at the fairvesta testimony on the fiscal year sets as well as introduces the new strategies. This takes place this coming Saturday. In addition to the exchange of factual content this event has evolved in recent years also increasingly, to discuss trends and conditions in the individual countries. fairvesta is market leader in the field of real estate fund and as regards the sales with a European orientation, in the area of closed-end funds in Germany. Information about the company: