May 24

Leadership Qualities

Leaders, when assuming command position, become bad managers of people. The knowledge technician is important, however, represents only one parcel of the necessary abilities to the managers. The authentic leader needs to study, to understand and to practise some essential abilities. Below they follow the TWELVE ESSENTIAL ABILITIES FOR the MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE: 1 – Cooperation and mutual confidence. Leaders observe its collaborators and take care of so that she has cooperation. Educate yourself with thoughts from Howard Schultz. When detecting some inadequate behavior, immediately the MANAGER must intervine.

Inadequate behaviors must be corrected by means of a direct, clear and objective boarding. The confidence mainly on the part of the led ones does not go to occur if the leader does not place of form impartial and joust, and not previlegia one or another preferring that many times only arrive the prominence position because counts on the strong support of the leader. Some situations that occur with some leaderships generate an environment of insatisfaes and frustrations provoking great desgate for the corporative environment. 2 – Taking of decision where the ability exists. The changes must be prepared and be executed since that if it assures that the essential abilities exist. Some employees are more analytical, others are generalistas. In the professional environment functions exist that require specific profiles and the bad leader can not have perception to understand the profiles of the employees and the necessities of the functions, being able implying in the comprometimento of the results. Not rare we find situations where a collaborator is promoted for the incompetence. For example: a good salesman can be a bad manager, or can occur the case of a promotion if give before a necessary period of preparation, that is of precipitated form. Some decisions require ample evaluation, studies of scenes, detailed economic studies, however we find companies who add enormous losses for decisions taken without the necessary evaluation, in these cases the losses will be natural consequncia.