Aug 12

Magna Carta

it should be in and with respect to all laws of the Magna Carta in which State is constituted, and here is where you have to highlight what is referenced by the beginning of the legality. Being the State an entity that rests on an organization stratified through various positions, and these in turn in people is very important to note that they have a responsibility to great weight for two reasons, meet efficiently and expeditiously with all the tasks entailed in the post and on the other hand the perform their functions in an impartial mannerIt is said that it does not benefit nor benefited see by the resources that the town gives it to carry out its functions, and not to overreach on the powers that were granted. This is why that is said to be the principle of legality principle, intuitu actu, the disclaimer intuitu personae, both being nevertheless signs of democracy, given that the first subjected to the organ of the State itself as depersonalized body and secondly the individual who embodies it or embodies. Regardless of the legal means that the governed have to enforce the regime of constitutionality and legality by the rulers, there are others that pertain to the requirement of liability of physical persons that embody an authority, when his public behavior has been notoriously wrong and illegal. 1. This is precisely the most important with respect to the exercise of public servants, the duty of safeguarding the interests of the people, that is for the common good, and if questioned, removed or penalized for their actions if they go against the laws that govern the State, however as the vast bureaucratic body and being formed by people with different ideologiesvisions and goals, it is feasible that there may be conflicts between what is due and is planned to be, due to both the body and the society in general should form an amalgam coexisting in harmony, however on many occasions to be visions of society and Government so divergent, they not come to converge on a single cause, therefore arise feelings of adversity and frustration on the affected part.