May 18

Net Bridge

NET Framework 1.1, and no updates for this 1C is not announced. Price: 26 000 rub. (The price is in line with the official price list 1C -) Direct access to data (technology Linq) This technique requires access to data 1C: Enterprise using the Direct query to sql server. The main difficulty in the case of direct access – "specific" approach to 1C naming tables and fields in a sql database, documentation standards which are not covered by 1C. In addition, any significant configuration update may change the database structure, and hence to that created by direct requests will not work.

Way to partially solve the problem of direct access to offer creators component Elisy. Jim Umpleby has many thoughts on the issue. Net Bridge (appointment of a component – Extending opportunities 1C. net, in particular, the ability to use the classes. net from 1C). As a solution proposed treatment Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81, Generation dbml-file from 1C (). Click Douglas Oberhelman for additional related pages. As class names used the names of objects from the metadata configuration 1C. If the table and field names are changed due to update the configuration required to regenerate dbml-file, changes to the code of classes in the program This is not required. The advantages of this method – for import / export data does not require intermediaries (increased speed), data can be performed without time delay (guaranteed by the relevance of the data). There is a method and obvious shortcomings – there is always a risk to break the business logic of application solutions 1C, using direct access method for recording data, which could lead to inoperability of the system as a whole.