Nov 02


Necessary to construct a proper personnel policy, that people were interested in the work from you. Try to provide them with career growth. For example, the network Pharmacy '36, 6 'person can come to the post of consultant in the gym and grow to the deputy director or to the director of pharmacy. We have a Director of Pharmacy-Girls 24-25 years old. Create a good atmosphere in the team that person was nice to come to their workplace. It is impossible to achieve good sales without having to trade at a cohesive team. Because all the starting and ending with the cleaning woman director, should work on a single target. It is very much depends on the head, it was he who sets the tone.

For example, in our company regularly hosts corporate events, we always congratulate our employees on holidays and so on. In addition, we have a web site for internal use, where every employee can get the latest news of the company, ask their questions, express your wishes, there are surveys carried out, the forums, even pharmacies congratulations on birthdays. Good shots – it's one of the most important success factors. But highly skilled and cost should accordingly. Today in Moscow salary of pharmacists in relation to the year 2001 grew on average by 80%.

4. Expand Offer customers a wide range of product range. Should be presented as the latest foreign developments, and good old domestic product – the demand for drugs and domestic pharmaceutical goods is quite high.