May 18

The Soviet Union

But nevertheless I did it and we went for a walk on. And here's another unique and the only case in the area – two surviving half-timbered houses. It is evident that the house used as a hayloft. What is breathtaking as it is from an inscription on one of the houses' cleared. Chaklun and Rumba. " Apparently, even something about the engineers have been written. And all of this historical treasure in the central square. Get into a car and drive through the steep descent to the most rounded Gerdauen castle, or rather to what is left of it.

At the same time'll pick on a deserted railway brewery. Perhaps with it and begin. This brewery still remains from the Germans. And, as you know, so someone who, as the Germans know how to cook beer, can and probably will be able to. The Soviet Union, oddly enough, is not began to remake it into something useless to anyone, but left it to function exactly as intended. Someone remembers the famous beer even then – the Soviet (interestingly, while the other was generally in the ussr except ?). Naturally, all plants of the ussr led some competition on quality (for us – taste).

And the brewery in subsection Railway held second place throughout the Union. I think it can be proud of. I still remember the time when the plant worked. Unfortunately, the plant closed and abandoned for unknown reasons to me. What a pity! There were rumors that the Germans wanted to buy it.