Apr 12


I often hear the opinion of staff that failures occur only in those companies where "all bad", and "this company" failures should not be. And every time I ask them – whether they know at least one company, which works without a glitch? Do not mistake the one who does nothing. In companies where employees work, work long and high dedication, failures will be. Importantly – fail to distinguish regular from single failures. Occasional failures – those cases which can be resolved privately at the level of approvals.

But if we have determined that a malfunction occurs intermittently, and it is connected to the inefficiency of the business process or lack of it, then it's time to work all Who is the business process is concerned, to change it and improve it. If these two conditions are met, the efficiency of the company grows. If not met – is also growing, but not effectiveness, and conflicts. There is a magic phrase: "Well, how many can say! Even a Chukchi on the same rake twice does not occur, and distrust of employees with their own strength and the company. In theory it sounds simple and smoothly – regular right, partial left the company prettier, state of conflict is reduced. And that, in practice? Case: In the office of the director of "Company", which deals with complex supply of canned food, the bell rings. In the tube hysterical voice of one of the chief sales. Head of Sales: We can no longer work that way! Our logistics department again disrupted supply, and now to preserve the relationship with the customer "Chocolate" we urgently need to arrange delivery of goods, and we Transport no.