May 11


As a result, the days begin to seem frantic. When the pressure does not work, often adopting a second strategy: to work more hours. We all do this eventually, but when it becomes routine, you create other problems: the weekly hours are lengthened to 70, 80 or more. Personal time is disappearing as it increases the working time. The trial is less clear and problems could be solved in minutes by a fresh mind, are resolved within hours. Work faster and work more hours are poor strategies to manage ourselves. However, many people continue to believe that such approaches will allow them to get all the things that need to be made.

They do not realize that no matter how made, there is always more to do, and must make tough decisions on priorities and have the courage to follow the decisions with actions. Time is a paradox. We think we do not have enough time and yet have all the time there. No matter what we do, there are always alternatives to invest endless time. The solution to this paradox, then, is to focus first on the most important things in the assurance that there will always be time for the things that really are necessary.

Once we have accepted the fact that we can not do everything and stop acting as such, we will have a very important step towards effective management of our time. Identify priorities will become a minor problem. As a resource, time presents us with another paradox: if we use it, it disappears anyway. Consequently, the quality of this resource depends on how well we use it. The knowledge that we are wasting this resource so personal when not used properly, should be enough to decide to invest the time better.