September 2012 archive

Sep 30

Soap Production

Method of production of the soap to the base of leached ashes and oil of coconut on the basis of the experimental study concludes that the soap to the base of leached ashes and oil of coconut can according to be produced following methods: Substances and materials sodium Chloride (NCl) ' ' kitchen salt comum' …

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Sep 24

Category Percentage

The Resolution n 274/00 brought referring modifications to the pointers, in relation to the Resolution n 20/86. In the old resolution, one says in fecais coliformes and coliformes totals. In the recent resolution, it is said in termotolerantes fecais coliformes, Escherichia coli and enterococos. In accordance with the Art. n 2, 3, of the resolution …

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Sep 17

The Body

The psychological attendance when the patient is waked up or without sedatives, in these conditions of entubao, is basically actual. Many patients feel the touch necessity, ask for the hand they hold and it with as much force, as they were grasping the life. To explain for the patient the ticket of it for the …

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