October 2012 archive

Oct 19

Natural Division

In this material transformation the man develops a happened conscience of the relation kept with the materiality, manifest in the language, that the authors call ' ' conscience real' ' , for a empirismo expositor of the human conscientious state, creating a partner-cultural interchange. Being he stains of a descartiano ideal, corroborating the materializante process …

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Oct 15

Machado Hospital

In studies of Braga, Machado and Bosi (2008), the permanence of the mother in the neonatais units meant the possibility to favor the development and the profit of weight faster e, consequently, high hospital the precocious one. In studies of Nascimento and Issler (2004), describing on the importance of the method mother kangaroo, it was …

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Oct 13

National Politics Environment

In a context of ambient crisis, each more necessary time becomes the insertion of the ambient dimension in practical educative and the miditicas ones that aims at the recycling of garbage or rubbish in the direction of the reaproveitamento of materials in the civil construction. The responsibility of the human being stops with the environment …

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Oct 07

Oil Dependence

However it covets, it for always wanting more, it can take the ambient degradaes and impacts with emission of pollutants in the atmosphere, mainly the calls effect gases greenhouse (GEE). Then, to unite economic and ambient growth is the main focus of this process, diverse alternative sources of energy can be detached, as biomass, the …

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