October 2016 archive

Oct 31

The Attention

Exactly three years later, in November 2005, this online service tracking 20 million blogs. SPEED. Blogs allow you to post information instantly and read it at any time from any point, you need only an Internet connection. Every second, though someone, and watching your blog. POWER OF INFLUENCE. Blogging was born about ten years ago …

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Oct 30

Due Diligence

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. Especially coming investments and what due diligence that has to do with financial terms. This lesson is important for the development of our education and financial intelligence. I recommend you continue reading Ten note that this article has …

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Oct 28

Playing New Lovers Will Find K1010 BBs Makes It Possible!

The Berlin games portal brings together casual gamer chat Berlin, August 31, 2010: K1010 holds a very special surprise for game fans at the end of the summer: with the classic ‘Foursome win 4 stones!’ online portal launches his first multiplayer game and going with the new community features in the social network trend. More …

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Oct 14


Among the many habits or styles that we need to learn each one (or) us (os), those that improve our life are: one is time management. To manage our time sometimes us is so complicated, to such an extent that we pronounce drawer as phrases: I have no time for anything, or, time flies? The …

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Oct 11

Mental Abduction

In this post I will show you some small tips on how to manage and eliminate the RUM. Preventive Solid Game: The best way to deal with the RUM is prevention, because often this is just a result of problems in our previous game. To this end we must ask, after each interaction, what we …

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Oct 08

Value Consulting

As well as a customer rises and low on the scale of loyalty, also at some point in the transition, can migrate from one segment to another. The change of the status of customer segmentation can be used to carry out specific actions (marketing, sales, etc.), which will be designed to understand the causes of …

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Oct 06

Market Claim Entrepreneur

Under the brand name method DR. BARZEL can evaluate online consumers or service provider real estate. Customers rating an individual and accurate location real estate immediately. The nationwide active service for online real estate reviews can be of regional partners under the brand of method support DR. Some contend that Jonas Samuelson shows great expertise …

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