August 2011 archive

Aug 28

Russian Finance Ministry

50 Civil Code). Therefore, according to Kumaritova Inala Palovicha if the accounting data on financial status of the organization is unprofitable, the tax authorities are obliged to calculate the net asset value and the presence of these bases to include the organization at risk for elimination by compulsion. What should I do? Mismatch value of …

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Aug 26

Finance Ministry

Russian authorities several years ago conceived the transition to a unified real estate tax, tied to its market value. It will replace the land tax and personal property tax. Under the new law a tax on real estate will be charged with a market value of the property. Why is this done? The cost of …

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Aug 11

Finance Institute

Leadership needed a program that will reduce labor costs for maintenance of personnel records under the new pay system. As a result, it was decided to implement a solution with '1: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 'as the product most suited for automation of personnel records of the university planning and staffing. The project was …

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