July 2013 archive

Jul 30

Argentine Indec

CONTROVERSIAL INDEC neither I nor you, dear Madam, troubled Lord, we handle the statistics daily. Russell said that the statistics are mathematical falsehood and was not very far from the truth. The price index that monthly warns us if there is inflation, deflation or economic stability is made based on complicated arithmetic processes that combine …

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Jul 22


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (Marketwire February 24, 2010) known for its bold design, the nabucco collection incorporates a new forged titanium, staying true to its values of creation. Maturity and elegance of this new piece, which recovers the mythical shapes in the collection, is highlight by a colour graphite grey sand, without loosing an apex of architectural …

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Jul 03

Central Civil Registry

A few weeks ago I called my lawyer called me to ask me marriage certificate to solve some papers. To my surprise, that I am a fully organized and orderly person I was impossible to find that heading of marriage between different moves I have made both home and Office already I have no idea …

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