August 2012 archive

Aug 29

The Terrestrial Magnetism

The TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM AND ITS CHANGE OF POLARITY When the North Pole is in the South Pole the Earth magnetism are a species of invisible irradiation that is originated in center of the planet and it extends towards the deep space, protecting to the planet of solar winds. In addition, magnetism serves the terrestrial us …

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Aug 19

The System

After these conquests remained a sick body, that searchs other conquests now, as the fight for the mental health, better conditions of work, making to appear then in the contemporaneidade the Medicine of the Work, that it aims at to look for to keep the welfare mental and social physicist of the worker, having as …

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Aug 05

Liquor Day

However you never saw that truck maritime, with a business on of the glass defending the eyes of the sun? Letronas never saw those: GMC? Therefore it is alone to read: Gemesse.Mas what it would go to make the living creature with the such Moaned? The banana production was not as much that demanded a …

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