January 2013 archive

Jan 29

Financial Planning

I will start by defining the term finance to understand where should go towards this planning about this there are many definitions, but which in my opinion makes it clear this is the following: is a branch of economics that studies the acquisition and effective use of money over time by an individual, company, organization …

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Jan 28

Financial Education

The reality of things is than the average adult (in classes average and low, but does not generalize clear) are lost when financial education and all the lies have swallowed that they say in the field of finance, taking models obsolete and experiencing the changing economic situation as God them gave to understand. So if …

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Jan 27

Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization

BEIJING China and Japan want to lead to regional recovery from the global financial crisis by promoting their own domestic demand and helping Asian neighbors, Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said. The two nations agreed to work together to promote macroeconomic policies based on domestic demand, to deter protectionism and assist other Asian nations, Aso …

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Jan 20

CreditServices Financial Advisory Company

CreditServices, first financial franchise network, has been awarded the prize to the international projection of the franchise, in the course of the second national meeting of franchises, suppliers and investors, organized by the famous group of technical studies specialized CESINE (editor, among others, of the magazine meters2) and held recently in Madrid sponsored by Banesto …

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Jan 13

Finance Minister

Then, if those accounts venezolanas could close without significant inconvenience with a price of oil 10% higher: why not to devalue the Venezuelan currency by 10% and thus achieve that greater income that would be needed? Logically this is not an idea that I would recommend, but that I guess it may be an alternative …

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Jan 06

Federal Corporation

How is the new financial regulation of U.S. 29 October 2009 no financial system can work effectively if financial institutions and investors operating on the belief that the Government will act to protect them from the consequences of their failures, Barack Obama, US President. The financial crisis originated in the sub-prime market subprime U.S. has …

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