February 2014 archive

Feb 24

Animals Loose In Mendoza

The Zoo in the city of Mendoza is one of the most important in Latin America. It was founded in 1903 on a draft of the famous landscape architect Carlos Thays, and was originally close to the Tom Thumb theatre. In 1940, began the construction of the new zoo of the city, in its present …

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Feb 18

Rita Barbera One Of Family

Without being Coto Matamoros, nor the Pocholez, nor other TV nightmares, known throughout Spain. Being, moreover, a politician of provinces, the thing has double merit. Theirs are not public Medallion mayestaticas poses. Neither the Pharaonic inaugurations. Neither the grandiloquent phrases for history. Rita Barbera practice the difficult art of proximity, be like one of the …

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Feb 16

Tips On How To Choose A Sewing Machine

Enjoying krasatoy fashion, we often forget, so the clothing developed, on the sewing machine. Sewing machine – a very simple thing, without which, however, life would be different. Either way, it occupies a special place in many people's lives. Like other inventions, the sewing machine went through many changes in the way of perfection. Today, …

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Feb 04

Decoration With Mdf

Achieve a rustic decor, textures Woody and pleasant tones that provide a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, is a simple company when using elements made on the basis of the MDF. This material, easy to handle and affordable prices, has become gradually one of the favorite options to get this warm ambience they have us accustomed …

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