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Sep 11

Cuts, Savings, Cost Reduction – BPO

Low sales, strategic change and increased cost pressure force German companies to take action! Business process outsourcing promises to reduce costs while increasing the efficiency. The BPO – business process outsourcing – shows all known features of a young and fresh trends. First, it is the right topic at the right time: who wouldn’t want …

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Aug 22

BilMoG Know And Take Advantage

Seminar and consulting for print and media companies from print – and media entrepreneurs barely or only very little perceived, the Federal Government adopted in April the so-called accounting law modernisation Act (BilMoG). The rules, which come into force on the first of January 2010 and means the most comprehensive reform of the commercial code …

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Jul 18

Interesting Facts

The State of Delaware has just 860,000 inhabitants incorporations in the U.S. State of Delaware. At the same time, but more than 900,000 legal entities are registered in Delaware. The Delaware company number so exceeds the number of inhabitants. One of the main reasons for this economic attraction of Delaware is expected in the favourable …

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Jun 07

Thomas Schader

‘Free counselor e.V. Association the SME consultant -‘ obliged themselves on their own standards (KFS) for crisis management a company to redevelop places high demands on the owner but also to the consultant, who is working out the concept for crisis management. Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic. The standards for such a …

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Dec 09


Define comprehensibility – modern processes itself through clarity, transparency and uniqueness, where purpose, goal and responsibility in the whole, at each step of the process and everyone is more important than completeness and complexity; 4. Process culture sees as a management tool, where increased responsibility and result is controlled by processes; 5. Modern processes make …

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Aug 18

International Congress

As a press release of the VGF closed Fund Association, have the members organised in the Association… It must let the provider against himself, that the sales gradually declined in the past two years, sales increases so go out from a comparatively low level. Anders Tubingen fairvesta group, which increase total sales each year since …

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Aug 18

Economy Needs Tax Relief!

Sodexo restaurant pass is an important design tool Frankfurt/Berlin, 01 September 2009 – (NBASOPM20092009) – less than four weeks before the upcoming election fight CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and the Greens still on relief models for business and citizens. The political parties are at odds over tax increase or tax relief. This is fewer net wage …

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Aug 17

BVMW Survey

Entrepreneurs complain about lack of liquidity and poorer credit conditions Berlin, July 7, 2009 “The middle class is in a credit crunch and therefore expected a clear comprehensive signal from the Federal Government.” The President of the Association explained that SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, at the launch of a recent business survey for the Bundestag …

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Jun 04

Thomas Filor: New Year, New Rules

The new real estate year 2014 means changes for real estate owners, landlord and administrator. Magdeburg, 18.12.2013. Increase the tax rates for the real estate transfer tax in the Federal States of Berlin, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony on January 1, 2014. The most the tax in Schleswig-Holstein (6.5 percent) increases, followed by Berlin (6.0 …

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Mar 30

Women Reverse Riser Searched: –

1,000 Motorists now 340 women have their own car. In the age group up to 24 years account for nearly 600,000 vehicles young men, 441.517 cars are permitted on young drivers. 42.4% Are already. Add to your understanding with Andreessen Horowitz. In the medium term, this proportion will increase to 50%. This growing importance and …

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