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Sep 10

State Secretary

Its first meeting has been the holder of foreign, Trinidad Jimenez, to talk about the economy, the situation in Libya and Afghanistan and the Spain-U.S. relations. On the agenda of Clinton, meetings with Zapatero, the King and Rajoy. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the President of the Government, has undertaken this Saturday before the Secretary of …

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Aug 12

Fund Commissioner

Rehn stressed that the fact that both Italy and Spain have committed to undertake and implement ambitious measures to achieve fiscal consolidation and the full recovery of their economies is what should prevail in the view of the markets. It is what matters and what must be taken into account, he concluded. They ruled out …

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Apr 06

Jose Maria Ayala

/ The initiative, which was passed Thursday by Congress, aims to help Councils to pay its debts to SMEs and freelancers. To do this, councils will have to submit invoices that should and sort them, putting first the oldest providers. The line that opens the official credit Institute (ICO) to help Councils to pay its …

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