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Apr 01

Industrial Dryer

Forth, you should refer to the instruction manual of the dryer and find the door of the electrical control cabinet of the industrial washing machine in accordance with the instructions. Access to 380V three-phase power line and the zero line according to the terminal mark. Operation of Industrial Dryer. First, open the door. Make the …

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Jul 27

Latin America

If the separations in Kosovo and other parts of the former Yugoslavia seek to accelerate integration into the euro, the EU and the global market, the Bolivian autonomists want, rather, avoid to advance populist and protectionist nationalism to seek to return to the previous dynamics of wanting to establish free trade agreements with the United …

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Apr 22

Carlos Marx

Comparative reading of the constitutional precepts proves a constant in the essential of the institution, although with nuances differential profiles. Firstly, since the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812. Has excelled, with justice, the transcendence that the Constitution of 1812 had on the development of contemporary art in Europe and America, as Cadiz standard became the …

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Aug 12

Magna Carta

it should be in and with respect to all laws of the Magna Carta in which State is constituted, and here is where you have to highlight what is referenced by the beginning of the legality. Being the State an entity that rests on an organization stratified through various positions, and these in turn in …

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Aug 09

Routine Tea Despairs

When the routine despairs you and ask God: you exist or are pure story? Open yourself to new experiences and consider this article as a tool to achieve permanent and lasting changes. I hope you have the value that is needed to embark on this adventure. It is worth the effort. The American writer James …

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Aug 09


There is no connection-if you are a father or mother know surely recognize those moments where there is connection with your children: there is a relaxed atmosphere, you look at them in the eyes, they laugh at the same things, and feel good. On the contrary, when there has been a time of separation either …

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Aug 06

The Article

Appetizing. So in conclusion is thus: Yes, your cart affects obviously to divest its amount of carbon dioxide, but animal production, gives off nitrous oxide, and methane, which, although it is less well known is much more harmful than the previous. Furthermore, have you ever seen you some documentary about the atrocious way they mercilessly …

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Jul 30

Argentine Indec

CONTROVERSIAL INDEC neither I nor you, dear Madam, troubled Lord, we handle the statistics daily. Russell said that the statistics are mathematical falsehood and was not very far from the truth. The price index that monthly warns us if there is inflation, deflation or economic stability is made based on complicated arithmetic processes that combine …

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Jul 22


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (Marketwire February 24, 2010) known for its bold design, the nabucco collection incorporates a new forged titanium, staying true to its values of creation. Maturity and elegance of this new piece, which recovers the mythical shapes in the collection, is highlight by a colour graphite grey sand, without loosing an apex of architectural …

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Jul 03

Central Civil Registry

A few weeks ago I called my lawyer called me to ask me marriage certificate to solve some papers. To my surprise, that I am a fully organized and orderly person I was impossible to find that heading of marriage between different moves I have made both home and Office already I have no idea …

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