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Nov 19


This review prompted me to write your own curiosity. Who like no newspaper should be a direct interest in contact with his readers and make it possible either via email or at using the site. No, of course discount the usual "field" e-mail is still early, but still it is already an anachronism. Of course, …

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Mar 31

Phil Alfaro

Then, make a list of all the things that satisfied his current life and that, somehow, make him happy. Now, do the same, but with the things that you don’t like in your current life and removed him, somehow, happiness. Finally, and in a manner objective, set in writing, which would radically change his life. …

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Jan 03

National Bank Ukraine

One of the essential conditions of the loan agreement, which must be clearly discharged in the contract, and that the court should pay attention to is the payment of interest on the amount of money received on credit. Interest paid by the borrower for the loan, by its nature is the contractual payment for the …

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