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May 24

Leadership Qualities

Leaders, when assuming command position, become bad managers of people. The knowledge technician is important, however, represents only one parcel of the necessary abilities to the managers. The authentic leader needs to study, to understand and to practise some essential abilities. Below they follow the TWELVE ESSENTIAL ABILITIES FOR the MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE: 1 – …

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Mar 29

Industrial Revolution: Structure

In the way as they had been described, the traces are natural in the people, are part of its psicossocial structure and they cannot be learned by individuals without this potential, or if possesss these traces or if it cannot be a leader or to occupy functions of leadership in an organization, for example. Before …

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Jul 03

Woman Understands

Who said that woman does not understand of soccer, a recent research shows to us clearly that this of men only to understand of soccer is passed. Then, the woman pro twists its teams of the heart with more empolgao that the men; they twist for twisting. Now this business of machismo in the soccer, …

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