Aug 28

Elvira Treutler

You may lose not the nerves and panic look unrealistic, harmful in the long term alternatives. It would go only to the purchase of a cheap product that is provided with a logo of the company, which unfold are hardly the positive effects of an advertising article, quite sufficient knowledge in the dealing with promotional items of the customers themselves, or an intermediate event or PR Agency. Promotional items are but no gifts and are used today in the modern marketing also success-oriented like other advertising media. Here, the knowledge of promotional consultants weigh heavily because they however can judge about usefulness, functionality or value of each product and production-independent decide, because they know the whole range. “In this context announced bwg, that next month the first graduates of the IHK certified training as a promotional article consultant” enter the market. Thus”, so Evers, advertising article trade ensures even, that expertise and Know-How be placed in the Center.

A message for our customers and a commitment to the renewable generation to meet this maxim. Probably noticed: the trade makes the pulse. Not the producer or importer.” Last but not least, the award to the promotional products of the year”shows that the marketing strategies are successful, where the consultative trade is actively involved. For the current fiscal year, it expects bwg significant expansion. Pulses would just by the many major sports events such as Olympics, football and ice hockey world championships and tourist mega events, such as the RUHR. 2010 “, go out. To the targeted customers, the advertising industry will use the temporal environment of these events to. Closing argument by Hans-Joachim Evers on the economy: because you are value, should they continue to rely on the promotional products distributor. Lasting success means more than a short-term sweeping fire.” Source: bwg, January 2010 Elvira Treutler