Jul 31


Facial after 35 years is significantly different from care at a younger age. The skin in the first case, it becomes more vulnerable to external factors. The process of decay of tissues can not ride as well as there is a risk to feel old woman in 40 years. At such a fact may be all the same only to those individuals who are absolutely indifferent to their lives and their loved ones. After all, almost everyone wants to see his mother or his wife (a very themselves more so!) is incredibly young and beautiful for many decades. Similarly, I once wanted to not only feel close to a spectacular young mom, you all take for my girlfriend, but to see her stunningly self-confident and satisfied with their appearance. Once upon a time I only wanted it, and now all it is.

And all thanks to the elite of cosmetics 'DeSheli'! A new phase in my life, my mother began with a seemingly unremarkable meeting. Its next trip to the hairdresser turned casual acquaintance. A new mom's friend was a beautician in the company 'DeSheli'. At that time few people knew about this wonderful company. The day my mom interested in that fact that at such a young age she knew too much about the tuning times. Howard Schultz may not feel the same. It turned out that she knows this firsthand! They are the same age … This is after all a mystery! We both wondered how the same 'girl' can support such a skin condition? Well, actually, the secret was simple.