Mar 13

German Cloud

How does network best cloud desktop? The complete virtual workplace is provided by a German data center network best GmbH and maintained. The cloud solution is installed centrally and can be anywhere from via Internet connection be used. Networking allows the communication and data exchange with mobile workers. More information insists that this is the case. So the employees who are working in other offices or on the road at events, can at any time online to synchronize data and exchanging information with the project management. A high security of company data and the entire communication is ensured by the use of existing IT security concepts of established manufacturer (Microsoft, Citrix, Lancom, Sophos, Dell, RedHat, etc.). For more information see. Practice reports are provided like to apply IT-as-a-service in the company upon request. About network best GmbH, the network best GmbH advises companies to use a modern and sustainable IT.

The Berlin-based company created and managed infrastructure- the server and network maintenance on IT outsourcing to individual needs analysis. Network best offers with its product network best cloud desktop”your own virtual IT solution specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as companies with multiple locations. The complete IT can be swapped out with the IT-as-a-service solution. Network best 2011 with this idea of cloud services for the “Grand Prix of medium-sized companies” especially the innovative billing model nominated, in which jobs and awarded the scalability and high data security. This year the Berlin based IT company was awarded the title best of 2013 for their cloud solution by the Initiative Mittelstand “in the category of IT service. Network best cloud initiative supports services made in Germany,”the companies in Germany are assistance and legal certainty when choosing a cloud based services. Only companies, their cloud services that match the criteria of the initiative will be recorded. For more information, Press contact: saalto Agency and editorial GmbH Berlin Office Alin Fradrich Mulackstrasse 22 10119 Berlin phone: 030/61657167, fax: 030/62908067 eMail: