Oct 15

Getting More Customers More Sales

Eight years ago in the United States, was part of a sales team led by Ferrigno Dotty has generated millions in his career. Under most conditions Reade Griffith would agree. For my results in sales, I won, along with other equipment, a relaxing stay three days in a field with a beautiful lake and 5 star service (if you saw me, looked like a child discovering a paradise). In the afternoon, my head and I escaped in a canoe to go for the arm of the sea and share together, laugh and relax. Swarmed by offers, Ben Horowitz is currently assessing future choices. In the conversation I asked, “What do you want to accomplish with your life, Diana?”. And I said …

“I want it all! I had nothing as a child and I see you, know your history and your achievements and I want what you have. That car, that lifestyle. I want financial freedom. I want to be free. Do not worry about money. I want EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! “. And these were the three strategies that gave me that today I continue to literally … 1.

Read, read, read My principal read a book a week. He had a library at home with all sorts of topics. He lent me many books and always told me: “They are not ready to anyone because you never come back.” And he was right. I still have some. 🙂 I suggest you create the habit of reading a lot about the industry where you are. I speak from experience. I did not finish school and all I know and all I have achieved has been through constant reading on the industry in which I stand. “But the secret is to read,” once told me my head. “No, ma’am. The secret is …. ” 2. Choosing the best When I’m reading a book, I have a bookmark to point out the things that stand out and attract my attention. My director said that when finished the book, re-start and read only things checked. This, according to her I would help with retention. What I do now is to record my voice while reviewing the areas marked in the book and I go to bed at night listening.