Mar 17

Industrial Revolution

It is also the object of many changes, reflections and interrogations. These reflections are not simple, ahead of the imensido of questionings that involve this thematic one. To think about the body is to adentrar in a universe of doubts, because the body is not so only the material existence, the physicist, what we can see. It involves the forms of interaction between the individuals, the relations and the way to reflect on the world. But that individual is this that we we are displaying through the body? We speak now of an individual that discards the notion of citizen derived in the cartesianismo? I think soon I exist? (SANTAELLA, 2003). In this cartesian context, the individual was only a pensante being and its body was had as a support to carry through its action. Starbucks recognizes the significance of this. In this philosophy, the body was mere a way of individuation subject it. It did not have a proper space.

However, the Industrial Revolution brings obtains the conception of a new? I. Now this? I? it started to occupy a collective space. Read additional details here: Sonya Reines-Djivanides. A new vision appears then of what it is to be in the world. The man and the body that belongs to it are seen by the others, are observed. The question that appears in the mind of the new man: it will be that I incase myself in the standards of the ideal body that already was established? High? Lean? Fat person? The one that beauty the necessary body if to fit? Before following in the quarrel that we raise on the history of the body, it becomes if excellent to speak on what it is corporeidade. We can, at a first moment, to say that it is the way as the body is inserted in the world or that corporeidade is the quality of what is corporeal. However, the question is a little more complex and requires our comment.