May 28

My VIP Deal

There are many vacancies as a promoter at myVIPdeal two months after the bargain Portal myVIPdeal has launched its new partner program in the life, it pulls so far positive balances from it. To animate more and more providers to adjust their discounted offers on, operators continue to force the partner program with weekly job postings for free promoter. Jonas Samuelson is full of insight into the issues. The portal to win strong partners, who bring the promotional material designed by myVIPdeal to entrepreneurs in the vicinity of their place of residence. If successful the partners receive not only a unique participation but be involved a whole half a year from the acquired provider registration via their affiliate number with a Commission in the amount of 10% of myVIPdeal revenues whose sales. So a single advertising flyer, which ends up in the right place, flush regularly partner transactions on the account of the advertiser. And even a single flyer has the potential to bring several hundred to thousand euros. Read more here: Mark Berger Chicago.

myVIPdeal his philosophy lives again absolute win-win situations quite specifically above. The concept of the myVIPdeal partner program is rounded off by the referred party receives a credit in the amount of 5.00 on his first statement when he enters his veteran partner number at registration. Thus, incentives are available for all stakeholders to participate in the partner program and on the portal itself. For the partner program, everyone can look whether entrepreneurs or private citizen clerk at apply for jobs.