May 05

Prokopyevsky Plant Lighting

To date, the most famous and widely used in coal mining is a light mark the hsc, which is called in common parlance “shahterkoy. Total love and acceptance in the mining environment, he has earned for its ease of use and reliability. There are several models of the lamp is slightly different from each other. Let’s look at them all, in increasing order of model number. CHS-5 lamp is progenitor brand miner lamps in this series. Produced under the brand names and SGG5m05 SGG5 “Impulse”. Currently available lamps mark SGG5m05 of 2 types: led SGG5m05 mine head battery Explosion-proof with sealed nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery of the old type 3KCSL-11 (10 amperchasov battery capacity, weight 2 kg, spm Explosion ii Isaiah – “miner, increased reliability against explosion”). Light Source – Davy lamp P3, 75 with time, continuous combustion is 8 hours.

Lamp constructively consists of the battery with a lid and lights, connected to each other flexible cord. The main body of the battery are staples for securing its to your belt, and in the case of the block are three sealed nickel-cadmium battery, connected ridges. Now most businesses SGG5m05 lamp with a nickel-cadmium battery is replaced by a the latest model SGG5m05 lamp with a nickel-metal hydride battery, which is described below. SGG5m05 lamp with sealed nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) battery newest type D10000 (1910 amperchasov battery capacity, weight 1,1 kg, Explosion rp P Ex). By request can be made with built-in control unit battery (to be able to charge the battery on the charging station “Charge 2”). Current consumption, weight, dimensions of the body are reduced by more than 2-fold compared to the old model lamp SGG5m05 described above.

Light source to choose from: light miner P3, 75 (burn time – 8 hours) or led (burn time – about 25 hours (!)). The following model lamp chs also created on the basis of nickel-cadmium batteries of the old type and having a light source lamp the mining – a model of chs and CHS-7-8. Lamp CHS-7 has a number of submodels: chs and CHS-7.1-7.2 (in the performance of high reliability against Bang rp Exicdel) and chs and CHS-7.3-7.4 (with explosion pb Exdibl), and comes with a sensor monitoring the discharge battery. A lamp HSC-8 is produced with a halogen lamp, explosion-proof rv Exdibl. And completing our review of the lighting of the CHS-9, also issued based on the latest NiMH batteries RM1300FH. Lamp CHS-9 has a lot of submodels using as a light source mine lamps, halogen or led. Can be completed Radio alarm modules SUBR-02SM, and others. ooo Prokopyevsky Plant Lighting is a leader in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns for various industries.