Sep 07

Sales BayOrganizer For EBay And Amazon Sales

Sales BayOrganizer for eBay and Amazon sales, Amazon Marketplace has established itself in the last few months at more and more eBay sellers as additional or alternative sales platform. Caterpillar will not settle for partial explanations. For the popular eBay sales BayOrganizer is now an extension available that allows a common handling of Amazon Marketplace and eBay sales. More and more professional and private eBay sellers rely on the tried and tested software BayOrganizer to simplify the business processing after end of auction or a buyout. The software that is certified by eBay reads all current sales via the eBay API and manages them in a local database. This provides a constant overview and quick access to all articles and buyer data without having to look for long on eBay pages or in notification emails. BayOrganizer also handles communication with buyers, sent invoices, print shipping labels and takes care of the assessment levy. Also meaningful evaluations in graphical or list form are no problem. A special feature of the BayOrganizer is its cheap price model: only one-time license fee in the amount of 35 Euro (Home license) or 90 euros (company license) and any costs in relation to the settled quantity is created for the user.

Users receive all program updates, which will appear within twelve months after the license purchase, free of charge. Go to Sonya Reines-Djivanides for more information. Now, the Amazon extension now available suitable exists an extension for Amazon Marketplace to the BayOrganizer. This allows seller to complete together with the sales realized through eBay Amazon Marketplace sales. This simplifies not only the buyer communication and shipping logistics but also clarifies in evaluations, storage and further processing in accounting. Mathias Gerlach from more and more eBay merchants have realized that there are articles which can be either on eBay or Amazon sell better. Especially new goods from all areas of the range and used articles from the Can be sold through Amazon often faster areas of books, CDs and DVDs. eBay again for other second-hand and new goods from supply areas is in the Amazon has not been fully established itself ha t”. The Amazon Marketplace extension for the BayOrganizer can be used by all power providers and costs 75 Euro.

The extension is by default available in the trial version of BayOrganizer. Those who already use the full version of the software, receives a free trial license from the manufacturer. Also the integration of online shop sales is possible also for the BayOrganizer available E.g. xt extensions for online shop systems known are: Commerce, Sundar and time Lux. Sales which were made via an own or rented online store, can be also transferred to the BayOrganizer and processed with this using their functionality.