Sep 25


Question strength is very idle. All shelving should be guaranteed to withstand a given load. Archive racks are among the most common types of shelving. The elements that go into the design archive Racking is the basis for other types of shelving. Archive racks are designed for long-term storage of large amounts of information, books, manuscripts and other printed materials for the storage folders, books or boxes for the documents in specially equipped premises.

A large set of shelving sections sizes maximizes the use of any premises and to optimize the storage of information. Archive shelves provide order in the records, as well as protection from negative environmental influences. They are used in stores, banks, museums, large companies, health care centers. They have high load capacity, reliable. Most have a polymer coating and bolting. On average, the maximum shelf load 150kg. And the maximum load on the rack to 500kg. The depth of the shelves of 30 cm to 80 cm.

The width of 70cm and 100cm (width can be adjust if there is a meaning.) The shelves are moved by height in increments of 2.5 cm Rack shelf can, made of metal bent in a corner of the 2 mm thick, perforated on both sides. The frequency of perforation of 25 mm. Shelves shelves made of sheet steel 0.7 mm thick, equipped with stiffening rib and fixing holes in the uprights. To increase the capacity of the shelves can be attached more ribs, the number of which can be from 1 to 3.