Nov 03

So I Need A New Car ?

Vehicle is hallmark of any businessman, but as a consequence, and his success in life. No coincidence that many people try to earn money on expensive cars. But the car did not necessarily be new, it shows the practice of our time. For example, the advanced technology of repair and new repair materials and equipment, even out of the car first half of the 90-ies, through a complex body repair and can create an exclusive and beautiful car, and most importantly completely reliable. In recent times, even became fashionable to over restore old cars, while maintaining their original appearance, but equipping them with the most modern technology. The first and most important step to an external appeal of a painting.

Today, any car can be painted in the color you want, apply airbrushing. To create conditions for uniform drying paint on the planes of the body or its components used infrared drying. The very color of the body – is relatively complex and multi-step process. First need to eliminate microscopic dents if they have cracks and remove from the body of the old paint. Repair dents very time consuming and too multi-step process. And from that, as will be straightened dent depends entirely on himself the appearance of already painted parts. Because after application paint coating and drying, will be seen all the flaws in the repair of dents.

Therefore, this operation is very significant and affects the overall quality state of repair of the body. After straightening dents body is covered with a special composition (primer), and after that, cause paint. Application of paint spray gun is carried in specially designated areas – painting chambers. This is done to extraneous to the dust could not get on the plane painted body parts and thus spoil the smoothness of the surface. You then need to dry the paint layer in the drying chamber at high temperature. If there is need to do any image (logo, emblem), the first encircle its contours, and only then their inks. Without sufficient experience and the necessary equipment, you should not do self-painting car, because only a professional will be able to apply the paint evenly, without dust and without sagging. For example, employees of body stations are usually professionals. They do not just painting the body, but generally offer high-quality comprehensive body repair on professional equipment, using the latest materials and technology. In any case, it is better to trust the experienced professionals working with the latest equipment, and then the quality of body repairs will not cause frustration. On the basis of many body-stations, there are also units that carry additional types of car repairs, it may be, for example, and diagnostics, and repair of engines, and repair steering systems. Ie specialized Autotechcenter have an opportunity in one place to make almost any repair of motor vehicles.