May 24

Spanish State

The silverware in Spain. The difference between silver, silver or gold, and silver plates incorporated into an object. There was a debate in Spain in relation to articles of silver and those who, usually from other countries of the European environment, or Asians come to Spain and have the appearance of silver because they are coated, soldiers or just feature a silver foil, the latter are those in other countries are referred to as "silver laminate or bilaminate" and that Spain can not have that name because the word silver reserves, legally, those items are actually silver and not only incorporate a sheet of this precious metal. Any object can be marketed provided that it is perfectly clear and defined what is sold and what is purchased. Articles that include a silver plate over resin, aluminum, steel or other material other than silver and that is not "essential to its use," according to the current regulations are not objects of silver and therefore price, in relation to volume, weight and size of the object, is less Thus, the buyer can find an article that even keep a "contrast or mark" of 925 thousandths of silver and apparently by the dimensions of this product appears to contain more silver than other products, however, the price is less than or similar to this one.

Why can this happen? The answer is simple, the smaller product may be real silver while the more apparent or can contain only one large sheet of silver. The legal term "essential for use" means, for example, a silver frame, contrasted with the law of the alloy that certifies the quality mark of the Spanish State, it needs a software wood and glass. Such an object is sold as an article of silver. However, as silver is prohibited to the same frame with the elements described which adds another element to which sealed, by any mechanism, silver foil with a thickness determined. 1 .- You can market anything on the market but do not endanger the health and consumer safety and meets the legal requirements laid down in special legislation and the resulting extra to it. 2 .- There can be marketed as silver objects, those objects that incorporate a layer of silver on a different basis to silver, to mislead.