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Jun 18

Houses in Time

A time established the objectives, a method must be chosen to determine the mount of money to be destined to the propaganda. When the communicator to emit a message, it will have to think about the communication accomplishes, that is, that its receiving one really understands what it wants to say. Therefore, from a hearing …

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Jun 11


Today, focus of the entrepreneur is concentrated in the net Griletto – Grelhados and Parmegianas, beyond a warehouse of meats that supplies the net. DIFFICULTIES FACED FOR the ENTREPRENEUR IN the SEARCH TO UNDERTAKE From the application of the questionnaire with made available, two questions if had detached. The first one was the bureaucracy. To …

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Nov 23


Thus each one with its work, contributes for the economy of the area in question. In relation agriculture in Half-Barren, can be said that this economic activity contributes with the biggest volume of our exportations. Amongst some products cultivated in this activity we detach the soy, the sugar cane-of-sugar, the pineapple, the sisal, the cotton, …

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May 25

Small Micron

Introduction the present project intends to foment the knowledge of the innovation in the micron and small company, with the objective to spread information and knowledge that are excellent for taking of decision of its authors (companies, entrepreneurs), establishing the necessary tools for the innovation process. Results of research on the micron universe and small …

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May 21

Brazilian Institute

Therefore of this form, Biodiversity in Brazil can be protege, the raw material scarcity can be controlled and the pollution and the saturation of aterros brightened up. Moreover, with all the implantation of the inverse flow, still has the social aspect, therefore the creation of new jobs for activities of collect, separation is necessary, etc. …

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May 13

Advantages Contemporaries

It imports Asian Products For Advantages Contemporaries Utilities of many families as, accessories of kitchen, places setting, txteis, fabrics, synthetic objects bred of plastic material or other materials, toys or electronic you can count in its house with the Made label in China? In the truth, you also it will go to observe them of …

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Dec 21

Social Nets

We go to say a little on them to be able of the social medias and the importance of if working with this communication channel. The world already is globalizado, that is fact. To learn a new language, a new culture or to get knowledge on the alterations in the world-wide economy, had left of …

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Mar 14


The questionnaires had been numbered and transferred to a spread sheet. Of the interviewed ones, 28 women and 22 men had answered to questionnaire, being 28% with age between 20 and 30 years, 50% between 31 and 40, 16% between 41 and 50 years and 6% above of 51 years. The soccer is the favourite …

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Dec 02

Marin Organization

Preponderant and strategical factor is the quarrel of the styles of the administrations, as much of the current one how much of the administration who the successor intends to develop in the cited familiar company, with purpose to effect comparisons, analyzing which the advantages and disadvantages of the two styles. The catalytic executive of the …

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Aug 17

Merchant Navy

With respect to imported merchandises, the incidence of the ICMS occurs exactly that the operations if initiate in exterior, the generating fact is characterized at the moment of the customs clearance of the imported merchandises of the exterior (SABBAG, 2009, P. 410). It is important to point out that the ICMS also happens on the …

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