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Jul 05

Comfortable Ride

More and more motorists say that you want to go not only fast but also comfortable. Of course, when you are several hours behind the wheel, we so want to feel no stress, and relaxation and comfort. So, what necessary to provide comfort when using your car? Let's talk about two things currently are: noise …

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Jun 24

Kiev Taxi Service

But one of my friends the other day in Kiev taxi service has equipped all cars with BRC. These I asked for feedback and comments. Yes, saving is visible on the face, but gas – good alternative to gasoline. But then went to a number of drawbacks. Kulibin from the service center BRC-Ukraine have not …

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Jun 09

Choosing a Car

If you remember the famous movie 'The Matrix', then there are quite often mentioned the word choice. According to their idea of choice makes us different from a robot that it (the selection) are deprived. Therefore, the choice – it is always possible and it is wonderful. At some point, I became interested in the …

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