Jun 24

Kiev Taxi Service

But one of my friends the other day in Kiev taxi service has equipped all cars with BRC. These I asked for feedback and comments. Yes, saving is visible on the face, but gas – good alternative to gasoline. But then went to a number of drawbacks. Kulibin from the service center BRC-Ukraine have not been able to configure the client on machines HBO, as a result: almost 2 (!) Times umenshilast power, several machine almost immediately povyletali gears, even on a few – cover plate nozzles. These reviews had the head, I decided to search for information about Tartarini. Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. I read the reviews on the Internet, listen to feedback friends. Criticism as such do not was the only thing that price is higher than all its competitors.

Well, okay, I think the Italians have good reason the price above. Began to look for outlets in Ukraine for the acquisition of HBO. The official website of Tartarini made a request to that given details of the official distributor – "Korkos." Strange, but this is the official distributor located in the small town of Poltava. Checking information about them, I found out that they sell large quantities of HBO on Zaporizhzhya automobile factory, and it says a lot. I ventured. I read the official site, made a few calls.

Originally enjoyed pleasant conversations with their hand, and pretty clear instructions for action. And now, after a few days, my car is in the box in Poltava. I'm sitting in the office Korkosa and drink tasty coffee while oznakamlivayus with equipment and facilities installations. I was advised to put the kit Standart, since the machine I have a fairly powerful, and staffed with the electronic control unit featured OBD. I agreed. During the day I installed all the equipment did presets and told to return in a week, were used to measure and final adjustment. All week journey in search of some nuance to which it was necessary to find fault. But at this point and the power loss is small (less than 10%) and good fuel consumption, and fuel costs. A week later came back, looked for an hour, tweak and told to periodically change filters, etc. So I drove 25 miles tysch. Problems was not a single, and plus power after final adjustments back almost completely. I'm happy. To summarize: BRC: Cool propiarennaya firmDeshevoe GBOKachestvo wants luchshegoPlohoy service TartariniHoroshy service and sotrudnikiEkonomichnoe GBOKachestvennoe oborudovanieVysokaya price Verdict: If you want to deliver equipment average scall on "our" car, take the BRC, as they have lower price. If you want to pack a foreign car is best to take Tartarini. More information on Tartarini can glance up at the site Korkosa: korkos.info