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Jun 06

CRM People

It is a strategy subject and is very related to the form as they operate the processes to the interior of the organization and the attitude and aptitude of the people who execute these processes. So that a CRM strategy renders the fruits that you hope, first she must review his missionary processes (those that …

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May 28

Find Surveys

The subject of the surveys by Internet is advancing to huge steps. In their beginnings, the sites of surveys were dedicated more than nothing survey European or American people, but at present, are companies that are exclusively dedicated to realise surveys by money in Spanish, for Latin American countries. By all means that you also …

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May 20

Technical Service

Until not to have installed a Home Theater, we cannot say that we really know what is the cinema in house. And one of the most important manufacturers of Home Theaters of Latin America is LG. Luckyly, there is a service LG in Mendoza that is On guard to guarantee that any type of repair …

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May 19

Maria Sanchez Ocharn

In the last part of this event, Alberto Cordova, partner-director of DBM, exposed from its experience, real cases of client experience, in whom it contributed three keys important to sell more: to think about the client, to analyze what values distinguishing and personalizando in each and to contribute to the users constant differentiation and positive …

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