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May 13

Personnel Administration

The following have been automated business processes: Sales management; Managing mutual settlements; Manage warehouse operations; merchandise management; Pricing; Accounting and taxation. Specialists ICE established a system of '1 C: Enterprise 8 'and '1 C: Trade Management 8' and trained staff. The project is automated 25 positions in stock and in the financial department, sales department, …

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Nov 09

Handy Backup Program

The program also will serve up automatically at a fixed period of time. Checking the backup is needed to monitor the viability and correctness of the existing backup. That is, automatically and without user intervention program without spending recovery as such, will check whether all recovered safe and sound. For this purpose the so-called bit-check. …

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Sep 08

Finance Ministry

Under the current wording of the items income (expense), denominated in foreign currency for income tax purposes, converted into rubles at the official exchange rate set by the CBR on the date of recognition of relevant income (expense), and no exceptions for cases of pre-payment is not provided. In other words, the obligation to re-evaluate …

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Aug 11

Finance Institute

Leadership needed a program that will reduce labor costs for maintenance of personnel records under the new pay system. As a result, it was decided to implement a solution with '1: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 'as the product most suited for automation of personnel records of the university planning and staffing. The project was …

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