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Dec 04

Creating Business Plans Internal Rate

Creating business plans, internal rate of return Good day to all my readers. In this article I will tell you about the economic sense of the internal rate of return (IRR Internal Rate of Return). The course of my thoughts, I write, you read it, If you have any questions appear, you can write them …

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May 27

Blacksmith Mikula

And I thought to myself, ‘That’s Grisha, a drunkard and a horse thief, and the food itself came in his mouth. Milkmaid Glasha 25th year without a man, not because the woman died of starvation. Blacksmith Mikula and worse: metal forging – the money it receives, self-defense courses teaching – the money received. So it …

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Dec 13

Rental Hotel

– No adjustments. Each apartment – a separate hotel room. On the first floor of the place and the administration offices. Even if the hotel will be filled only in the summer months we can expect that over the next five or six years you have been fully pay back construction. And then you will …

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Sep 10

Motivation Feedback

Motivation – this theme is not new, but, oddly enough, over time, it does not lose its relevance. Rather the opposite, it becomes increasingly important. This is an explanation. The fact is that as societies develop naturally increases the level of requests of its members, that is people who make up this society. This is …

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Sep 09

Quality Management

Development of Quality Management – Six Sigma. The development of quality management as a science is not such a long history. Back in the early twentieth century American analyst Walter Shewhart brought to his superior technique statistical analysis of the production process and the identification of marriage in the workplace, which were later called Shewhart …

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