Dec 13

Rental Hotel

– No adjustments. Each apartment – a separate hotel room. On the first floor of the place and the administration offices. Even if the hotel will be filled only in the summer months we can expect that over the next five or six years you have been fully pay back construction. And then you will earn only net profits. – But it's not our business.

We are builders. No, this is clearly not our way out. And as I settled with the investors? – Sitting and wait buyers – it is generally not an option. And with investors can always negotiate. In the end, becoming the holders of shares of the hotel, they have nothing to lose. – Hmm … No, it's not our business.

I do not understand anything in the hotel's service. – Well, – I say. – Now let's leave this topic. As for the apartment complex near the center, now you can hardly expect to find buyers for your price. However, creating a management company and renting these apartments for rent on prices lower than current prices in the lease, you now get a cash flow, and the property remains in your property and rent – the eternal theme. You will earn from this property as much as she would stay. – Rent? No, we are selling. We can not take our apartments for rent. – Let's count – I suggest opening the notebook. After half an hour of work in Excel it is clear that even at the lowest prices Rental residential complex is fully repaid within the next 10-15 years. – It's too long, – said my interlocutor. – I need the money now, not in ten years. – I offer you the option, which creates a cash flow right now. In the month you will receive a cost of several apartments. What a difference to you if you get the money from the sale of several apartments or as a result of letting all the unsold? All you need is to diversify business – I say.