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Mar 26

Textile Industry

One is the propriamentedito superior circuit, to another one is the superior circuit delinquent, consisting of modern forms of produomenos of the technological and organizacional point of view. The circuit superior delinquent can be resultadoda survival of less modern forms of organization or the reply umademanda capable to excite total modern activities. This demand can …

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Nov 20

Assertive Communication

The PNL and their practice, is developing to a certain sharpness of senses If the sufficient thing is applied, are developed an ability, as in this case in the communication between the people, to realize thing, to make better distinctions, knowledge to distinguish better the situations and knowledge to really take a conversation at an …

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Aug 01

Minas Gerais

For the man of the hinterland, the ox supplies the food, the clothes of the cattle tender, to the adereos of the horse, footwear, bag to carry foods, luggages, chairs, beds and all type of utensils. The north-eastern bovine conception became an activity of bigger value to feed the praianas populations of the Zone of …

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