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Sep 23

The Search

She was pretty, son only its mother, dressmaker of full hand. Result: To each week new clothes enchanted that me and it being always white of all the boys of the school. Never, never exactly I envied this my friend, therefore it had other problems that I did not have and they hurt that it …

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Apr 25

The Child

Sometimes, when the crisis is in the form of children's tyranny, demands the child is accompanied by affective outbursts (tantrums). If adults do not perform all that he wants a child, the child throws himself on the floor, Sucitu feet, beats his hands, crying. Affective flash is best extinguished when adults calm enough for them …

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Nov 30


If you are single or adore frozen a food its probably household-electric one preferred you are the oven microwaves after all to cook were well more easy with it, are enough to buy its congealed food, to place per some minutes inside of the microwaves and to eat. But dirty it very if you not …

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Apr 30

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

Today, fans of dog breeding is difficult as a surprise. This applies, above all, a decent range of very different dog breeds. Dogs the size of a man and a small, easily fits in a jacket pocket, hidden thick, falling to the floor fur or no – for now the dogs in the state is …

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