Nov 30


If you are single or adore frozen a food its probably household-electric one preferred you are the oven microwaves after all to cook were well more easy with it, are enough to buy its congealed food, to place per some minutes inside of the microwaves and to eat. But dirty it very if you not to take some cares, therefore see these tips that go to help you to clean the microwaves. As I smell to remove it of inside of the microwaves: Xcara of tea with water catches one and two slices of lemon, place inside of a glass container and have led to the microwaves per 2 minutes in maximum power. After it cleans the internal part with a dry cloth. Tips to clean microwaves? It fulls a refractory mug or (never of plastic) with water and leaves the oven to twirl per five minutes. One remembers of that it is only with the water. This vapor that goes to form itself goes to help to inside amolecer the fat and residues of the device? The panel of control of the oven must be cleaned only with a humid cloth? The internal part of the microwaves, that already this with the amolecidos residues, is clean with one sponge and a neutral soap, after this, pass a humid cloth to remove the soap excess and after that a dry cloth.

One remembers that after to clean the part of inside the opened door leaves to dry more quickly. Inside it uses abrasive products of the microwaves, never uses only one humid cloth or espoja with neutral soap. With these tips you obtain to leave its always clean oven of microwaves and without none I smell inside of food. It makes these procedures whenever to find necessary, but one remembers never to leave to inside accumulate the residues of the household-electric one.