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Jan 27

Your Highness

He failed to explain how the page was happier living on borrowed time, using old clothes and eating the leftovers of the courtiers. When he calmed down, called the wisest of his advisors and told his conversation in the morning. "And why he's happy? "Ah, sire, what happens is that he is outside the circle. …

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Jul 08

Aaron Beck

With the height of the interacionismo from years 80, was started to study it one fourth 0 variable, the situacional component, that although to be more complex of being measured and being quantified, already possesss research that is if developing. Moreover, also we can pontuar as component of the social ability the physical attractiveness and …

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Nov 15

The Same

Another scene of the same calendar represents the return of the market: one comadre stops to speak with its neighbor, who is in the window; some men rest seated in a bank, protected by a telheiro, and linger themselves seeing boys playing for and fighting. This medieval street, as well as the Arab street of …

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Sep 17

The Body

The psychological attendance when the patient is waked up or without sedatives, in these conditions of entubao, is basically actual. Many patients feel the touch necessity, ask for the hand they hold and it with as much force, as they were grasping the life. To explain for the patient the ticket of it for the …

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Aug 19

The System

After these conquests remained a sick body, that searchs other conquests now, as the fight for the mental health, better conditions of work, making to appear then in the contemporaneidade the Medicine of the Work, that it aims at to look for to keep the welfare mental and social physicist of the worker, having as …

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Nov 10

Bezlyudovoy MM Perception

Man thinks interactions. All that is inside, then outside. Transforming the outside, inside me, opening up new areas in perception which escaped attention. This improvement of Language, Proto-opening in the Information field of the universe. Something I said in the subject overall. Here I can give you some interesting links for those interested in these …

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