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Dec 17

The Soul

Searching the house they turn the girl under the bed crying compulsory and one of them said: – comes here young woman, does not go to make to it badly, as is its name? – it is Brenda! – that pretty name you are the not necessary saved one now to have fear Brenda left …

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Nov 28

Genebaldo Exactly

Cndida was young formosa that nor seemed from there, Gallego of meat, appetizing lips exactly, owner of a primoroso bust, one pale rose making until seeming that the sun had pleasure in touching it, made therefore it softly not to disarrange that one ' rose – mulher' of the chests of Cndida. Nobody, but nobody …

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Aug 05

Liquor Day

However you never saw that truck maritime, with a business on of the glass defending the eyes of the sun? Letronas never saw those: GMC? Therefore it is alone to read: Gemesse.Mas what it would go to make the living creature with the such Moaned? The banana production was not as much that demanded a …

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